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Primary and I live together so see each other almost every day.

Possibility and I have a standing date night once a week which, due to life, sometimes doesn't happen or my kids are here as well *shrug*. It's important to all of us so we make it work some how.

I send texts & emails to Breathes (primary, I hate the word so gave him the name he generally uses for stuff like this) & I email & IM with Possibility.

What no one seems to be covering is the fact that we all need time for ourselves as well. I have a standing date night once a week with myself as well. It's a couple of hours where the kids are at youth group and the guys are out doing their RPG thing so I take the time & use it to do things I enjoy or need to do. Sometimes this night doesn't happen & I'm miserable when it doesn't so I try to take some time through the week to 'meditate my navel' so that if it doesn't happen I'm still ok.

I am my own Primary, any other relationships I have after that are secondary to the one I have with myself.
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