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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
The thing I like about poly so far, is that it takes up a really large chunk of that there's a lot of flexibility in how you want to live it...should you choose to do so. The only real requirements are more than one person, and some form love/relationship.
Personally, from what I have seen, the word "polyamory" is used so broadly I feel it has lost a lot of validity for me. This isn't a negative statement, just a case of perceived vagueness and a simple disinterest in using the word because it doesn't really define anything for me besides being non-monogamous. Part of it is the idea of someone "choosing" to be polyamorous. To me it would be the same as "choosing " to be gay. I think polyamory is a "nature" thing, not a learned behavior....but this is only my opinion. The other part is how unclear the concept of "love" is when used in poly relationships. I feel it is some times used just to take a moral step up from the concept of swinging or open relationships; not that one is needed, there is nothing immoral about either.

I think I will probably avoid the word when explaining my relationship to mono friends in the future except if needed to separate what I have from polygamy. The word is simply too hard to explain because the forms it takes are seemingly limitless. Describing the dynamic within my relationship is easier.

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