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I am enjoying this thread!

Being part of a "couple" with a third and wanting ever so much for each of us to feel respected and appreciated, it gives me a lot to think about.

Our relationship, specifically, is very new and poly itself-is brand new to all of us.

We want our new partner to feel respected and loved and for her to feel that she is an equal within the triad. The lines of communication are completely open.

One of the things that I have spoken to her about is the need for my husband and I to continue to do the things that we do that help us to maintain what we consider to be a very healthy and fulfilling relationship- at least until or if the triad becomes more the "thing" than the exception. We cant have our issues interfering with her health and enjoyment. She completely understands this. But- does this fall in the category of co-dependence?

Do any of you know of common "triggers" that contribute to out-of-house partner having negative experience?

Sorry to have what I am sure are BASIC questions- I am coming from a place of love and interest.

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