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I try to give the people the benefit of the doubt. I assume that they will be understanding and will be reasonable. Now, I know that is unrealistic, but it keeps me from sounding defensive. If they act up, I can go the route of showing that i tried to be nice.

There are probably a few things you can say that would resonate with him that may help things out. For example, if he starts asking about the living arrangement and acting uncomfortable, you could say that it is easy to be misjudged and he may understand when people judge him based on his line of work. Show that you want to make sure his daughter is happy in the arrangement.

If he starts to act up, try to be as patient as possible. You may have to deal with him far into the future. Just try not to burn bridges, but also don't act ashamed.

These situations are never easy, but what is most important is how your new wife feels about all of this. If the father acts up, it may hurt her if things get ugly.
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