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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
So did you just recently change the thread title to foundations, or did I misread it originally?

As long as we're not trying to come up with some universal set of rules, foundations, paradigms and principles (whatever we choose to call them), then I am fine. I was starting to see some pretty broad generalisations and I don't think it behooves us to get into "the right way to do poly" territory.
No Ceil, I am an idiot and forgot the name of my own thread! Such is the life of a phone using forum writer I'm afraid. *embarrassed*

My intent on this thread was to find out peoples personal thoughts on what they think poly is about at its base. In an attempt to better explain the differences between poly and other relationship styles.

I figured there would be generalisations, but I personally don't mind so much as long as its said they are. I am hoping to put to words what *I* think *my* poly rules/foundations/priniciples are... Its coming together slowly.

Thanks for clarifying that there is generalizations. I think that needed to be said at some point and now you've said it. Thank you.
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