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I love what you are saying Ceil. I agree with your foundations. However the thread is about rules/principles rather than foundations. Actually I like foundations better. After foundations comes rules and principles to me.

I have no problem with people wanting to make symetry a rule/principle. That would be their choice. I have known poly tribes/families (well one) that practice Ds and that has meant they all agree to not be symetrical, so therefore that rule/principle would not fit. That to me would make it not a poly rule/principle then, but really I don't prescribe rules and principles anyways so don't really care that much. I understand that others do though, so they can argue the semantics.

How come there isn't a POP? One pussy policy? Hmmmmmm?! :P That's what we had for a bit. After nerdist came out of a very trying relationship.
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