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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
However, omission is _always_ potentially problematic, and openness, maybe rather transparency, is always an ideal.
I would caution against using sweeping absolutes in statements like this. Omission, when agreed up, isn't always potentially problematic. I disagree that complete openness is always the ideal, either. I really, really think that it is up to the relationship dynamic to determine how much openness is appropriate and to live by that.

To me, the question is: In the big picture, is my action contributing to us approaching openness or losing it? And how do I work on my own reactions, making it easier to be open towards me?
Could I perhaps try to rephrase that, and see if we have common ground, here?

"In the big picture, is my action contributing to us approaching the level of openness that on which we have, or is it moving further away from it."

How's that?

If you and your partners have the goal of total openness then it applies. If others choose not to be that open, it can work too.

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