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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Originaly our talks were more towards bringing in a g/f for both of us. He has always encouraged me to think outside of our marriage but mostly our talks have been about just sex, not an actual relationship. So I'm not sure what his opinion of me having b/f would be. I don't know for sure if I am interested or not. I'm still trying to figure out what I am okay with and what I am holding onto from how I was raised. It's really murky water and hard to figure out. I definitaly think it is something we need to talk about more. I don't know if I am so much against a relationship outside of my mariage, as I just don't see that I would ever find someone who fits me the way he does. There was one woman who we both had feelings for and she did for us, but she's married and they have a lot of problems in their marriage, mostly due to him being in the military and never being home. So I guess I do know it's possible, just maybe not with another man? I'm just a big ball of confusion at the moment.
Ok, I was curious. I know it is a hard topic to cover. Like I said, I have been through it with DH but for now I know I am not interested and he doesn't want me to be interested until we are under better terms. He has mentioned he doesn't mind me having a gf as long as he gets to watch, lol. Men! (no offense guys!)
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