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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Again...I think this is more a potential "helper" instead of a foundation...

think of it like building a house. You build your foundation...then throw up supporting beams...walls. windows etc. (I am not a builder so no one bite my head off about the ACTUAL methods )

Symmetry, while healthy and good, may be the south wall in a building where they don't need a south wall I would not apply that to the foundation which is 100% required for a building.
What about classical double standards, like one-dick policy? Leaving symmetry out of the foundations would allow such things to be basic forms of polyamory, rather than arrangements agreed upon by equal partners.

I guess that we both agree that two (or more) persons can only join a polyamorous relationship on equal footings. But none of your other criteria necessarily imply this. That's why I think it belongs to the foundations. And, as a prerequisite, only there - any actual relationship must reflect the needs of the individuals involved, which may differ a lot. So, while symmetry in an actual relationship may make for better dynamics, it may not be attainable. Nor desirable. And if it is not in the foundation either, it may result in permanent, non-intended skewness of the whole contruction.
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