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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

Polyamory - The disposition to intimately love multiple people simultaneously. There is no need to actually be in a muiltiple partner relationship to prove it, nor is it a requirement to be able to logistically balance lives to do it successfully. Simply the ability.

Monogamy - The disposition to intimately love one person at a time. Intimate connections are not maintained with multiple partners simultaneously. Being monogamous does not require the people loved to love the same way back. It is a reflection of how one individual loves regardless of how the recipient of that love returns it.
When you explicitly don't identify as polyamorous yourself, I can't really understand why you keep on insisting on definitions of polyamory that quite a few polyamourous people, me including, think are plain wrong.

That "intimate loving" of yours is an option, not a necessity. Loving is a necessity for polyamory, and what that will eventually mean, is something that has to emerge in each situation. It may not always be what you expect, for many effects may come into play. As Heraclitus said: "Whatever our desire wishes to get, it purchases at the cost of soul."

I was citing Ariakas explicitly to show that you had misinterpreted him.
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