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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
You are insisting on the sexual component of love here. Most of us aren't, including Ariakas

You are exactly right! This is my internal belief and perspective on the idea of intimate love. I own this within myself and although it is shared with others I know, I recognize and respect that this is not the case for others as well.

The connection between intimate love and sex is certainly is up to each individual to determine for themsleves. Freedom of thought and belief

The other quote in your comment was not my own but it looks like you think it was. It was Ariakas I believe and so I will not comment.

What is the difference between Polyamory and monogamy to me? First I don't care about the involvement of community and activism when I think about these concepts with respect to how people love a "lover". I don't think about them in terms of social influences or how people choose to act. I don't think about them in context of world concepts or dynamic shifts in human evolution. I deal directly with how a person loves someoen as a "lover".

Polyamory - The disposition to intimately love multiple people simultaneously. There is no need to actually be in a muiltiple partner relationship to prove it, nor is it a requirement to be able to logistically balance lives to do it successfully. Simply the ability.

Monogamy - The disposition to intimately love one person at a time. Intimate connections are not maintained with multiple partners simultaneously. Being monogamous does not require the people loved to love the same way back. It is a reflection of how one individual loves regardless of how the recipient of that love returns it.

People can act act any way they choose. But I personally believe people are predispostioned to be certain ways.

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