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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Would you say that you are more "situational poly" rather than "fundementally poly" Because I do see friends as potential future lovers. I see potential future lovers everywhere. But in actuallity, very few of the people I have dated in the last 5 years have become lovers. So- I am not neccesarily situational poly, but poly by nature and just waiting for the right people to show up.
Are you asking if I leave myself open to a friend for potential love? Yes, I believe I do. Do I love some of my friends. yes 1 or 2. hmmmm...I suppose do to my experience with friends V lovers, I am not hopeful that there is a possibility of changeover.

Like I have said on here before, I have never once had a friend turn into a lover. My partners have always been the explosive fiery kind
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