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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
personally I think "emotional monogamy" should just be called "monoamory", because "amory" is emotional.

I've always wondered why be put monogamy vs polyamory, when I feel they're on different scales. Monogamy means one spouse, in my opinion it means you stay with that one person and don't cheat on them regardless on whether you love them or not. I think you can be monoamorous in a poly relationship or polyamorous in a mono relationship. To me "monogamous" applies to the relationship, what applies to the people is "monoamorous".

Utlimately though I think what matters is knowing what you mean, not making sure we use a word everyone agrees with or that everyone uses the word we want them to use. Really, I prefer just shoertening it to "mono" and "poly" because that "solves" the problem or whether it's followed with "amory/amorous" (love) or "gamy/gamous" (partner).
This makes a lot of sense to me. Only thing I wonder about is the "amory" is emotional part. If we try to clear this language hybrid of Greek and Roman and look for what "polyamory" might become in pure Greek, I think we have problems. We could use eros or agape (at least), but neither fits completely. We need both, really. And it is the agape part that does not necessarily imply that much emotionality.

So, while a very good approximation, maybe it's not quite there. But for most everyday use, clearly yes.
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