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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
I would add equality/equivalence/equity/balance/symmetry - whatever we call it - to the list to make it complete.
Why?...symmetry doesn't apply to everyones poly. There are poly relationships that do work without symmetry...I think its a bit of a utopia to have that, it can happen, but doesn't always.

And a sexually and emotionally monogamous person could check all the way here. That was my point. It just depends on which notion of love you apply.
I still don't get what you mean by this. I think you are complicating it to much. You either love someone, or don't. (I may simply be misunderstanding your point)

I can have sex with someone and not love them
I can love someone and not have sex with them
I can have sex with someone and love someone

2 of the 3 are poly. Separating it into its tiny loving parts begins to separate those people that have the happy hippy feeling of poly, in loving everyone, or separates those swingers who have fallen in love with someone they have were just trying to have sex with.
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