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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Yes I am the "primary". She know's she's not the only one, but she also doesn't know how significant my relationship is with him. Telling her that it's casual and dating other people vs. the actual significance of the "others", the "others" factor being only me, just doesn't know.

I know it won't go over well at all. He'll end up hurting her in the long run, at least I think he will. Just an all around upsetting situation.
I am sorry, I fell into the pain of a poly breakup because I was naive about what poly was. I set myself up to hurt by accident...

You guys (you and your bf) seem to be building yourselves up a nice big pile of dramatic incidence which is bound to end in pain...on purpose. I just don't get it...the person that will be hurt the most is the poor girl on the other end who will be blindsided...
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