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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
he says if she is around for 6 months, he will tell her and introduce us. .
WOW..this is a brutal abuse of a human being. Essentially he is going to use her for his own gratifiaction and if they go past 6 months then she deserves to be made aware of the real situation. Does everyone have a six month probationary period before expecting honesty with him? I would be concerned about what he is not telling you

Sorry if this is blunt but I have a hard time hearing about people trying to wrap selfish behavior in a pretty package. I don't care how much they "love" the person they are using and don't want to lose them. I had secrets that could have destroyed my relationship with Redpepper but I told her very early because I love her. I didn't decide hide them until my needs were met...I guess that might be the question here. What are his needs and how are they met without honesty..sounds more like a need for sex rather than a need to share love.

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