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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I personally think loving a friend and being in love are very different feelings for me. And while being in love has always involved physical attraction (needing hugs, staying in each other's arms for hours, smelling the other person's smell, feeling their skin, listening to their voice, looking at them without ever getting bored), it doesn't always involve sexual attraction (as in, want to have sex).
For me this statement is something I have had to learn. To be clear, I have never been "in love" and not sexually attracted to someone. For me they go hand in hand, 100% of the time.

I have had to force my brain to rewire itself so this isn't the case. I can't stop myself from being in love with my friend, but its requiring a lot of work to turn off the sexual far, I am slowly winning that battle. But I have to say, it is a fight for me.

Maybe someday I will experience what you are talking about, but it doesn't currently resonate for me. I get the "I love a friend"...thats just fine...but being in love, means I have both emotional and sexual desire
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