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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Tis true. happened to me. However swinging does have a sense of disconnect. My wife and I have been playing for years, just happens to be this last one we both fell in love with. Unfortunately it will not be returned

So it is a "safer" bet to go swinging, and more honest, than serial cheating (where btw you can also fall in love) least then it is open and honest and he still gets his sex
Ari - I agree with you in that in a sense it is safer. My husband and I fooled around with a few people during a meet and greet - but we were there enjoying watching each other. The first full swap we had a few months later, was with a husband/wife that we fooled around with at the M/G. This felt safe because we were all happily married and just looking for fun. We were also together in the same room. That was a rule we had when we started swinging.

Taking the swinging concept a little further, 2rings asked me if he could have sex with MG. I ignored my fears - and so we are, where we are. Would this have happened if we weren't swingers? Possibly. But I know with total certainty that he wouldn't have cheated - he would have still asked me first.

I am trying to accept MG into our lives - because of his honesty. If he would have cheated, then wanted to keep her as a girlfriend - I don't know if I would feel the same.

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