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Default I'm mono and in love with a poly

I'd been dating this amazing women who is polyamory.She has no clue that im doing this to have a better understanding of her life style so i can be apart of it. none of my friends understand this time of life style so i can't console them for advice. and i'm so new to this. I'm all about love and sharing love. yet my insecurities is getting in the way from moving forward with her. In the beginning of our relationship i was fine with everything, i had no expectations, but just letting things be. then we both fell in love with one another. all of a sudden she's tellilng me i'm her primary. (in my head i was flattered...then i started to ask my self what does this all mean?) then we start talking about all the possibilities of our relationship. moving in. and so on. i freaked out telling her i need to stay true to myself. and i cant handle such. so i asked for a break. yet it got complicated. yet here i am. in love. willing to change and understand. I love everything about her. and i feel her love. and she has reassured me many times.
how do i go about this without feeling jealous? or without invading her space and her relationship with others? how do i begin to be in-alignment with her without making it more complicated? How do i fix this...?
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