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Default We might need some new terms!!

Recent discussions have led a few of us to think about coming up with some new terms. Since the word Polyamory is only about 5 years old (correct me anyone if you know more about the history of the word itself) It is possible that the Forum will actually come up with some new needed terms which will be found in the dictionary 5 years from now!!!

So- this is the thread for people who need new terms and for people who have come up with a new term!!

I've quoted snippets of former conversations to get the ball rolling!!

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
there has to be a better term than "single" for someone with many lovers... seriously, is there not some other term? I don't know of one... anyone?
Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Well, maybe I could simply say that I am poly with 4 tertiary lovers....
Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
In that light Idealist and because now I understand the term *sans* I agree..... "Sans primary" suits if you are willing to accept it. (I like poly with tertiaries also however)
I like sans primary....

Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
I'd love to see some new terms! What do you call your "boyfriend's wife's boyfriend"? Or what about all those shades of grey. There are people in my life that I am in love with and will love for the rest of my life. But, I'm not with them. That needs a name.
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