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Default How to start dating again...

I just recently attempted to start dating again....things went completely awry after three dates on both attempts, ack!

I got "the talk" from two friends this weekend that I should stop closing myself off from the possibility of meeting people. I am and I'm's a bit complicated. The idea of having a relationship or relationships again would be nice, it has been quite a long time. My life is pretty hectic though - in dating it seems that I am always the one expected to work around other peoples lives....when I'm the one with the complicated schedule!

I'm having a hard time putting myself out there. Sometimes I'm lonely, I find that it's easier to weather those lonely times that deal with all the complications of finding and being in a relationship again. I don't have room in my life to fall apart, be sad etc. I'm a single momma, it's challenging enough on its own without any emotional complications.
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