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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
But "sans primary" doesn't have to imply that you are looking for one, does it? Just a neutral term, to distinguish those without primary partners who are in some kind of permanent relationship from those who are not.
Well, maybe I could simply say that I am poly with 4 tertiary lovers.....and just forget about "single". I say tertiary because (even though I love each of them deeply) if I lost one (or all) of them, my daily life would not be affected. I percieve a primary partner as one you are bonded with so much that your daily life includes them. I'm in a phase where I am experiencing intense love (like none I've ever experienced before) but yet there is a non-attachment underlying the entire thing.....does that make sense? The other thing about my situation too is that these are long term relationships and I am fairly sure that these people will be in my life for a long time....maybe the rest of my maybe tertiary doesn't really descibe them either????

Even though there are a lot of poly terms, it looks like we need more!?!?! Maybe RedPepper will actually come up with a new word!!! Polyamory (after all) is a fairly new word itself.....
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