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Talking Bandits! squee...

But that "Bandits" sounds cool. =o)
It is! But you need to know it's one of THOSE movies-- it's so terrible that it's actually brilliant to watch. The script was flat and ridiculous, and they got a stellar enough cast that it still sparkles.

Spoiler alert: Cate Blanchett's character falls in with a pair of bank robbers, and then falls in love with each of them. She suggests just dating both of them. Something to this effect:

"What if I don't want to?"
"Don't want to what?"
"Choose. I don't want to choose... I mean, we're bank robbers, right? We break all the rules... I guess I'm an outlaw too."

Few films have made me happier.

End of spoilers

Oh, and Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy certainly isn't a mono film. Not sure what it is, or why it makes me cry every time, but it's worth watching. My tagline on here is a quote from this film.
"I was thorough when I looked for you, and I feel justified lying in your arms." - Chasing Amy

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