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Default A word with the Dad.

So the new wife arrives next Thursday and I have to meet her Dad and such. That's going to be pretty damn awkward. What do I say to him when he asks our arrangement? She's to have a full time job, screw around with the wife and I and help watch the kids? For heaven's sakes. How about some pointers? For those of you that haven't seen my previous posts my wife and I have been together 6 years, have two brilliant young ones and are very in love. About a month ago her best friend of 12 years came to visit and they jumped me. We all romped for a good portion of the night and though I don't know her friend 'real' well I do enjoy her company. My wife requested of me very kindly that I allow her friend to move in and become a part of our family so I have made an effort to get to know her recently and have become kind of into her which my wife enjoys thoroughly.

Now her friend is coming to move in with us and I am completely cool with it. However I have to converse with the female friend's Dad who is of course concerned when his only daughter (and youngest child) moves out of state and in with an already married couple and of course he will realize something is up when he's helping us move her stuff into the room that is currently occupied by the wife and I.

So please.. On this topic give me your thoughts, suggestions, etc. I could use a little help here.
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