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Before I got sick, we did connect in all ways. Unfortunatly, neither of us saw this coming nor were we prepared for the changes. That's part of what we need to work on. In the aftermath of my illness getting worse, we both were left going "WTF, what happened to the life I knew yesturday?" We are commited to working that out. I just wish we had made eachother aware of it sooner.

Maybe he is a serial cheater. But I think it is more that to him sex is sex and love is love and they do not need to meet. We have been discussing a poly lifestyle for yrs. But it seems like everytime I get to a point of trusting him and being okay with it, I find out he cheated.

So given that I may not be able to get over my anger for his g/f, I am going to have to learn how to handle a V instead of Triad we had agreed on.
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