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Why do you have to be a part of it? Why does everyone have to be "in it together" from the stand point of sex? Can it not morph into something different and more fitting for now... ?
I have to agree with RP. I have learned that there are just somethings that I dont feel "into". GG makes LR CD's as a way to communicate feelings that he dosent know how to say. I "could" do the same thing but I dont" need to" and as long as Im able to communicate my feelings to her in my way then I dont need to do things the same way as he does.

Easy loves you for being you. He loves Asha for being her so.....Why try to mix the two up? It has taken me a long time to be confident in the fact that LR loves me FOR the differences between GG and I. So ( for lack of a better term) play on the differences.

You may find that your happier promoting the qualities of " lemon drop" instead of trying to be a part of somthing that your really just not into.

Peace and Love
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