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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm saying that I am my primary now, how would I work that?! if I were single?!
A woman I know says freedom is her primary. Does that make her eternally single, or the other way around? I think ksandras suggestion of SP (sans primary) is good, to me anyone involved in a serious poly relationship isn't really single. They have taken on some obligations relationship-wise that "ordinary" singles have not.

Back to the OP's question: Usually 1-4 days per week with each (V), and I urgently need some time for myself too But there is usually quite a bit of communication and cooperation going on even if we don't see each other. And I don't think time spent together necessarily indicates anything else than - time spent together. So I think, in particular for a secondary, time spent together doesn't have to tell much about the relationship. How the partners spend their time together, and how they interact when they are not together, seems more important to me. And it fits with my own experiences, too.
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