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Ok, I have a question....If you are seeing a therapist, aren't they supposed to keep your converstaions private and not disclosed to anyone unless it's potentially hazardous to your health or the health of someone else? (i.e. you make a threat that you are going to commit suicide or you threaten to kill the mayor or something) If so, then I would, as you are letting her know you are parting ways, let her know you intend to inform the medical board of her transgressions. I mean, you don't want her to be doing something that she's not supposed to be doing right?

Your therapist sounds like she really sucks and is more into working for the gooberment which I HATE. Where would we be without the gooberment to save us from ourselves? The gooberment stole me from my biological mother when I was 3 only to adopt me out to a family which treated me as though I was a prize, and not their child. Anyway, this is about you, not me. So.....Let her know that she really needs to re-read her privacy disclosures and separate her therapy business from her social working job. Then, go to her supervisors and let them know about how she is using her therapy business to disrupt peoples lives with her social work job. Also a report to the medical board (or whoever she got her therapy license from) is in order.
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