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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post

(MonoVCPHG, I think if you are a sheep you are in a self-constructed pasture with consciously evaluated boundaries? You chose your personal landscape and know that if your self-understanding changes you can revise your boundaries? Is that true?)..
That is true. One could revise thier boundaries or "change your pasture" so to speak. But that would require you to believe that the world outside your pasture is better or more enlightened. I do not believe that at all. The grass is not greener outside the traditional pasture most live is only different and it is this different pasture that the woman I love runs in...therefore I have followed. She is what grounds and keeps me here..I am like a man on a long elastic stretching form my more traditional pasture into the pasture of non-monogamoy. If I let go of her or she lets go of me, I will spring back into my old pasture...not that I think this will happen
Make no doubt..I am her bcasue of her and no other reason.

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