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Default Interesting discussions "What about Cuckolding?"

I have read all of the POSTS to this thread, what an interesting array of thoughts and debates.

I have takin a Dominant path over the past 15 years of my life. I would say that I am a natural FemDOM, those that know me tend to agree.

As I have allowed myself to experience needs, events, women and men when I feel the attraction. I have enjoyed the results of the experiences that I have been able to share with others. Most are great the odd one is not so great, so it happens and I move on to the next, thats LIFE!

In my world I am most defiantly branded as a FemDOM. I am also termed in some circles as a Cuckoldrice, Hotwife and a few other terms that do not really bother me but I will not post them with respect to the forum.

I am wondering from this thread if there are others that fall into this lifestyle?

I would be interested to know?
Ms Stacey

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