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Default Greetings Polylings, I am Chi.

I am Chi, I am Australian, and I am just starting back, perhaps, into a poly relationship. My friends call it being made a mistress, but I know that it's not that. However, when it's kicked into you, you feel like it sometimes.

Man, do I feel like I am coming from another planet today. Thought it was best to stop by and say hi. I haven't been in a poly relationship for a long time, and the last one wasn't so great - I think he got as far as "you can sleep with other people' in the Ethical Slut....

I am considering getting into a poly relationship where I am not the significant other, it's not the configuration it was previously for me. I am still uncertain about a number of things and felt it was the right thing to do to be with some like minded people.

So I am nervous, filled with trepidation, and looking for a place to hang out and be honest about what's going down and how I feel about it. Haven't met his SO yet, I would rather do that before it goes any further, it's one of the things she's keen on too apparently.

Wish me luck!! *preparing to dive*

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