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I hope you take some time to read some of the really good threads on here about which you speak. There are quite a few of us that raise kids on here now and there have been many in the past with similar questions.

I suggest a search for tags.... children, kids, etc. anything you can think of.

As for my personal opinion? I completely understand something of what you might be feeling. When I came out to my family last fall my mother went to our family doctor and told him that she thought Mono was abusing our child. We were terrified that she would find a way to have our boy removed from our house. I was very distraught that we had to put him through a medical test to see if he was okay, knowing full well that he was. The doctor found nothing and my mum didn't have a leg to stand on with him... this generally doesn't stop her and we continued to worry that she would call child protective services.

It never happened as we told her that she would not be able to see her grand child again if she did that.

My experience has indicated that our boy is benefiting greatly from Mono being in our lives. He has a "best buddy" now and is very proud of that fact with his friends. The other day his BFF came over and we all took the boys for lunch, we were crossing a busy road and the newly 7 year olds still were too distractable to pay attention to traffic. My boy held his dad's hand and he turned to his friend and said, you can hold my "best buddies" hand with voice full of pride. He was so proud that Mono rode his motor bike beside the car so that they could watch him outside the window too.

yup, he is not suffering in the least. My boy knows that I love his dad as much as I love Mono and that he can love as many people as he wants too. We tell him that there is no cap on having love in your heart for others and that you can make family with whomever you chose. He understands that, believes that and it has nothing to do with our sex lives. It has everything to do with love and family.

I feel for you, I really do. It is so sad that this kind of attitude prevails. It does everywhere because of the way we have been conditioned. I hope you are able to move on and find forgiveness. Even better, I hope you are able to educate this therapist and in doing so feel more confident about the choices you make.... at the same time, I would not see fault in protecting yourself if you feel threatened and walking away.
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