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Default "For the childrens sakes"

This incident was brought to me by a friend. It's definitely worrisome and hopefully there will be some words of support and wisdom to help alleviate their concerns. I'm posting to add a layer of protection for them.

Here it is:

I've just had the nasty experience of being told that polyamoury is "not conducive to a healthy environment for children to grow up in"
Guess who said this, my therapist who just so happens to be a social worker who also works for... child protection services.
I have only recently began seeing her, and after today will stop but long story short after hearing about polyamoury...she threatened to call child protection services on my ex.
she has no grounds for taking the kids away, but just the thought of the stress from a "visit" and an "investigation" has my heart pounding.
they couple in question have rules in place. they do not bring their dates home for one thing. two, i lived with them and i had no shows of real physical intimacy (beyond a hug) with my boyfriend in their house, so not even with the kids there. three the idea of a blended family was always with the understanding that it would be done when they were grown up or at least almost out of the house. and four, if they possibility arose to introduce the kids/tell kids about poly well then a councilor would become involved.
these all sound reasonable. and put the kids first... but this social worker thinks otherwise..she says the parents are "burdening" their children with polyamoury
and that is wrong.
so i ask it wrong? for the sake of the children are we forced to keep our polyamourous selves closet form our own children? does polyamoury foster an environment which is not healthy? has anybody else encountered these issues?
fyi: i am looking for a new therapist. they aren't supposed to have boast opinions which force me to draw their conclusions. i am supposed to be able to craw my own conclusions as long as they are not harmful to me or my kids... i mean, 20 years ago it was not "healthy" to have a homosexual couple raising children so where does this idiot get off telling me this?

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