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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 20- I'm Poly and he's Mono, but I want to salvage this

My life is pretty mellow right now, which is good!! I have plans to go out of town with Richard this weekend. We will be attending a concert with a Rock Band and Philharmonic orchestra performing Pink Floyd music (my favorite classic rock!!!) Looking forward to spending time with Richard. He needs some clothes (jeans and cool T Shirts) and doesn’t have time to go shopping, so we’ll probably do some of that before we leave town Saturday afternoon. We’ll return late Sunday afternoon.

I called John yesterday and asked if we could get together Sunday afternoon or evening to talk. It will have been two weeks since he said he wants a monogamous relationship. I’m going to tell him that I respect his boundaries and that I will not ask him to participate in any Polyamorous behavior such as getting involved in a Vee with me and Katherine (which I had mentioned to him the first night we re-connected) and that he is free to be monogamous if that is what he wants, but I would like to continue seeing him.

I was just going to let it go, but I’ve decided to keep trying to get through to him because we have known each other for 11 years. The good thing about an established relationship is that you don’t have as much “getting to know one another” work to do. The relationship is easier. And….I fell in love with him again. I actually feel that I love him more than ever before. I want to tell him that too....
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