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I've had therepy on and off since I was 7. I've found some of it incredibly helpful and some of it quite laughable. The husband and I are currently looking for one now, but with no insurance we have a small list to choose from and so far nothing has worked out. I'm hoping when we get into therepy together I can work through some things. I just don't like that now that I know about the affair I am suddenly feeling inadequate. That's not me and it wasn't an issue 2 weeks ago. But after thinking about it, I've realized I don't do well with criticism. One small remark about my work or something I've said or any thing similar and I feel worthless in all things. I don't like that. And am trying to find a way to move past it. To acknowledge what I am and find a way to improve what I need to improve without feeling worthless because it needs improved. I very much have an all or nothing attitude for every aspect in my life and I am finding it is not benneficial for me. So I need to figure out how to reach the happy medium.
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