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I wish I had words of wisdom for you!! When I was 21, I was leaving a guy I had been with for 4 years. I struggled along for 9 more years doing the best I could. I finally entered therapy when I was 30, which is just about where you are now. That was when my life began to slowly change for the better. Within a year, my confidence was sky high. I quit the job I had for 8 years and started my own business. I have been running that business successfully for 21 years now.

I know everyone is different and each person has their own path in life. You may have already had some therapy, or maybe you just aren't interested in it. I'm not saying just becasue it's what I did, that everyone should do it. But, I do see a lot of people my age still just floundering around in life and struggling emotionally and financially. I am very convinced that if they had stopped when they were young and gotten some professional help, they would be in a much better place today.

I found individual therapy and group therapy both to be very effective for me!!!

Peace and Love !!!
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