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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
It may seem that you are arguing against me. But are you, really?
I don't think so
Something about inner and outer authorities, maybe?
I didn't intend to argue I don't think...hmmm I should look at that because I can come off a bit aggressive at times around certain topics. Outer authorities is definitely the sore spot for me.

I am the oddest person when it comes to poly honestly. I don't understand it from a poly persons mindset, live it quite happily, believe in traditional relationships as the continued way of the world and yet aggressively defend aspects of poly like some deranged Don Quixote with a pot on my head LOL!

I'm similarly triggered by religious debates..I am Catholic but don't practice at all but am a raging crusader when it is attacked....shhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I have some major issues

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