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I actually think that there may be some principles that have worked for me.

One is the idea of compersion. I am unable to be healthy and happy in my poly relationships without it. In fact, keeping my emotions in check at all times is a must... analyzing them before I speak and act is very important.. more so than any other area of my life. Compersion and jealousy/envy are at the top of the list of things to consider. That would be first for me.

I also think that communication has to be beyond everyday. For me it has to be about the simplest of things... for example I just told Nerdist about an email I am about to write her just to let him know. It would not be necessary if we were mono, but as we are not and she is an interest of his, it is necessary that he know everything that transpires between us and how I feel about it and what I think...

The third would be time. Time balancing and prioritizing is huge in poly and something of a talent. It has to be an interest of those involved if we are ever to manage to see each other. Quality time is so important. Prioritizing time is so important. Really I think quite often time constraints is the biggest deterrent over all from having poly relationships.

hmmm..... there is more for me, but I am mulling for a bit.
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