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Default Hi from no where ontario

um hi, i have really no idea how to introduce myself.

i'm a single mom of 4 kids, i'm divorced. im geeky. i have had a horrid track record with relationships. i seem to be a grass is greener on the other side of the fence kinda girl. now after reading some/alot of posts on here and after finding this site, i seem to know why. So now i'm stuck with figuring out what do i do from here? My last relationship with a younger man ended 2 months ago now. I can't seem to find the provider i need and the fun/exciting person i need in the same man. Is it horrid to want to have 2 men?

*edited to add* I had the talk about this today with someone very close to me that i could have a relationship with. PHEW, what a load off, OMG we both feel the same way when it comes to mono/poly relationships. i feel so much better about myself and the feelings i have been dealing with. I'm so glad i found this site.

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