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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

I think the detail you are missing is this was from his own website-disclaimers are generally put on a mainpage and not repeated over and over.
Like my blog-I don't write in each entry "this is my version, you may have your own". That would be tedious for me and for my readers.

Anyway-we concur-everyone has their own ways of doing things. His way doesn't happen to be mine either.
Well, really I just needed it to be said and now I have five million times and I think made my point far longer than I had intended and feel rather like I am prolonging it at this point...

again. I hope we can chat in person sometime... as I think we are far more on the same wave length than we both realize... at least about some of it anyways.

To lemondrop, I'm wondering to what purpose it serves to you being a witness to something that makes you uncomfortable. What is the purpose of you being around when they are engaging in this side of themselves? Could you not do something else and find things to occupy your time so that they can have a full BDsm life in whatever way suits them? Perhaps the trade off could be that you have some private/intimate times with Easy to balance things out a bit and make you feel loved and appreciated for what you bring to the table. I don't do certain things around certain people because I know that they aren't comfortable. It's my duty to make sure they are respected and that they feel they are just as worthy of my attention, love and that they are appreciated. Could this idea not work in your situation...?
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