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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

Is it the activity itself, or is it how you would feel if he did it to you?...

...I wonder if maybe you are struggling with really feeling internally that whatever it is that Easy is doing, it's what makes (shit I forgot her name) ... Asha! Whew. makes Asha FEEL like a woman, feel loved, wanted, needed, safe, secure etc...

If you maybe aren't fully accepting that these things make her feel the way you would long for her to feel?...
Yes, this is definitely part of it--I would feel bad if Easy treated me that way. I don't understand this part of either Asha or Easy, and I don't know how to reconcile that emotionally. I understand intellectually that if she has a problem, she can speak up at some point, but making my head and my heart click doesn't always come easily for me. In addition, it really bothers me to see that done to her, if it's something that would make me feel humiliated or mistreated. I don't know how to step back from that. I've been thinking that maybe I could ask her to schedule a time when we could talk about this, but I've been trying to assess whether this is something that I can work through on my own, and if not, what exactly my issue is.

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