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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
RP- He wasn't making a list for a Dominant should be like. This was a post SPECIFICALLY about what a Master/slave relationship is OPPOSED to what a Dom/sub relationship is.

Anyway-it doesn't matter at all to me what he thinks-because I have no intent to be a slave to any master.

My point behind posting it is that Master/slave is one form of D/s. There are a number of others.

I know RP from the few things I've read and the things Maca has shared with me that your BDSM experiences differ from ours-but ours AND yours also differ from what is defined as a "Master/slave" relationship.

The reason I wanted to share this point of view (FYI-it's commonly posted on the net, this was only one example) was so you could understand a little more clearly what ours is not.

JUST IN CASE anyone wonders-as I said before, I don't necessarily agree with that which I quote. Just sharing.

BUT-I'm totally all for Mon doing some ironing!
Its not so much what he said as how he says it....the broad generalizations of what HE thinks it is... there was no mention of this is MY version, just that this is it, end of story, no discussion, if you are reading this and want this, these are the rules.
I disliked that. They are his rules.
I am not a rule follower and therefore will not follow HIS ideas to the tee. Sure he has some ideas... but did not present them as such. He presented them as the law. Anyone else is not practicing properly... much like poly, there are some basic principles that carry over to all relationships, but one builds from there and creates their own relationships from that.

I get what the point was, this was just an add on. the net is filled with information that comes from specific peoples points of view... why do they not say that then? It is THEIR relationships that they are talking about, not mine.

I have given no indication as to the details of my relationships with those I practice with. I am sure that there is speculation and peoples minds have wandered, but I have been private about the root of my engagemens on an BDsm level as it is not something I wish to make public. Each relationship I have has subtleties about it that are not up for discussion, debate or public display. This is partly why I am quick to anger with Dude here... my version is different and just as legitimate.
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