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In a sense with maslow...inconsistency can wreak havoc on anthing beyond perceived security in a relationship. So how can you reach true intimacy and love and intact self-esteem, let alone any kind of self-actualizing acceptance as in true compersion, if there is no consistency in your words and actions. These are rungs I am most interested in at the moment. I want to be happy just knowing that somewhere, somehow my loves are happy. I am not always there because I want to be PART of what makes them happy. There is that "greedy" factor as Mono spoke of a couple of weeks ago. I am greedy in that I still want the feeling of "providing," for lack of a better term, the happiness whether it be physical or emotional. I would be interested in hearing how you all think the journey up the ladder needs to progress, can you skip around or does it have to be a consistent assent in this poly life?
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