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Oh Derby, thank you for bringing this up! It's exactly relevant.

I wonder if it's a given, in our society, that we're expected to be grounded in the physical, so we don't often make a point of saying it. My friend (who has the same name as you actually) that I've known for nearly 20 years is much like you. Practical, grounded in the physical. She feels good in her body. She also feels out of touch with artistic things and has had trouble understanding us artsy types. She never understood why my emotions run so deep. Just the way we're wired.

Personally, I find it difficult to stay grounded in the physical. Partly because I'm so up in my head, because I'm so sensitive and partly because I have physical pain and challenges in my body, so it's often uncomfortable to be rooted in my body.

Mono, I just love how you describe the spiritual connection you have with RP. I also feel an intense and powerful spiritual connection with Nerdist. Phew.
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