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RP- He wasn't making a list for a Dominant should be like. This was a post SPECIFICALLY about what a Master/slave relationship is OPPOSED to what a Dom/sub relationship is.

Anyway-it doesn't matter at all to me what he thinks-because I have no intent to be a slave to any master.

My point behind posting it is that Master/slave is one form of D/s. There are a number of others.

I know RP from the few things I've read and the things Maca has shared with me that your BDSM experiences differ from ours-but ours AND yours also differ from what is defined as a "Master/slave" relationship.

The reason I wanted to share this point of view (FYI-it's commonly posted on the net, this was only one example) was so you could understand a little more clearly what ours is not.

JUST IN CASE anyone wonders-as I said before, I don't necessarily agree with that which I quote. Just sharing.

BUT-I'm totally all for Mon doing some ironing!
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