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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

The only foundation of poly that I can think of, and I think *foundation* IS the word to describe it, is that poly is based on open communication, empathy, mutual respect, love, caring, self confidence and honesty.
I agree. Outside of these attributes I don't see anything or any one who actually has any qualifications or moral authority to say what poly is or isn't. We all have our opinions but that is as far as those go.

Some one can have the longest blog and most extensive wbsite in the world and it still gives them zero ability to shape what polyamory is about except for how it relates to thier own life. Sharing of experiences and concepts is a very appreciated and beneficial thing to do and many people do this luckily. Some put generous amounts of time and energy into this endeavor. But that's as far as any one individual can take the idea of poly. To claim otherwise makes that individual look like a pretencious ass with very un-poly control issues.

Therefore the idea of rules is completely without merit in my opinion. But that is my opinion and has no authority beyond my own life.

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