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Originally Posted by 2rings View Post
I have felt more extremes in the past year than ever before. Complete joy has turned to absolute despair to cautious optomism and back to joy in just a day's time on more than a few occasions. The ups and downs can be hellish, but obviously there is something so very good about the good times that keeps us coming back. Why else would we bother? For me, when things are good, both MG and KT are happy. And that makes me very happy too. The times that the three of us have been together left me with a smile plastered on my face that I thought would never leave. And really, it was less about the sex (which was outstanding, of course) than the feeling that we had finally made it to a place, if just for a moment, of understanding, cooperation and respect. Of course, after each of those times, jealousy, mistrust, and disappointment burst the bubble of euphoria in which I was floating. Coming down hurt, but that little taste of what could be has kept me working hard to find a way for this to happen. I think it can.
I'm feeling pretty good today, so finish this line for me- When things are good.....
......each of us is getting their needs met, no one person feels left out or slighted and there is communication and respect between all three of us. A breakdown in any of those things - we crash.

Baby - I know that I am responsible for a majority, if not all, of our "hellish" times. For that - I am sorry to you both. After both times the three of us were together, it was me who melted down. It was my jealousy of seeing you two together that set me off. It has been my insecurities and my feelings of inadequacies that have hurt you and MG. I am working on those negative emotions.

I know that the love that we have is incredibly strong and will carry us through anything. I know the love between you and MG is strong enough that you need this to work. I know the love that MG and I feel for you is strong enough that we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I hope that MG and I can start building up our relationship so that together, we are strong enough to make this work.

Hang in there - these hard times will be worth it in the end. I promise!

Don't give up on me! I love you - incredibly!


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