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Yes, all three of us in the group committed to each other and the "marriage" of our three hearts...

By a V being unsuitable I mean that my being the only recipient of a dual relationship. (I would expect she and him to also be intimate, and for all the of us to do likewise... sharing the same bed, going on dates, etc. although sometimes it might be just us ladies or just him and her or me and him)

Ideally we would function as a trio and a triad as much as possible... everyone is sexually attractive/active and emotionally connected. Keeping the triangle equilateral would be a major concern. We don't want our marriage to be seen as the "primary" relationship, but I know it is difficult. I am willing to work for this because the pay off is just so worth it, you know?

This is all still so new to me it is hard to articulate it!
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