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Originally Posted by Zenchild View Post
It's interesting that this started a side discussion of loving friendship vs. romantic love, perhaps not the best way to describe it but after reading the comments i'm unsure I could do better without writing a full length book with footnotes and reference links.


What I do know is something others have said in various posts...and which goes back to my very first sentence. You simply know. all could share a thought based on what helps (or might have helped) soothe your heart when your partner shares with you their interest in another? I think this is my biggest concern...finding the most compassionate way to tell him as I often get intimidated and just blurt stuff out. ............

And I think someone - maybe you (Zen) made mention somewhere else in the thread about different "philosophies" - different ways of flowing through life.

There's so much in the culture for the last few thousand years that tries to draw hard lines - attach labels etc - between 'romantic love' and some other (?) types in an attempt to describe this connection that happens between people.

But at least what I've seen, and experienced, is that when people start, and continue, to 'open up' (their heart, being, whatever?) to life around them they become wide open to these connections happening. It's not some plan but just a side effect of who they are becoming. But if/when they do (connections) it seems difficult to express this in language - especially to someone who is living a different mode of existence.

All the culture and labels break down. They just don't 'fit'. All the glossy images take on an air of surrealism.

And it does seem challenging to cross that gap as words/language seem to come up short as a tool. Art, music, and especially nature seem to be better ways to convey the picture.


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