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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
And text speak - hate it! I told my 11 year old daughter that I better not catch her doing this. If she sends me a text that has u, r, btw - I make her resend it written correctly.
I very rarely use text speak, usually it is because I'm in a hurry to get the text out and get on with what I'm doing. Then again, I don't text all that often to begin with. lol (<--one text speak that I do use often)

Bad grammar is a huge pet peeve for me. But one that has come to light for me recently that has been royally getting on my nerves and even cost me one "friend" on FB... perpetuating false rumors!!! FB is not going to charge us for services, or whatever it is called is a typical background check site and all of your "private" information is available to anyone who has the cash to pay for it anyways, etc. It was that last one that cost me the "friend" because I guess she thought I was saying that a credit score is public info, but who knows as she won't respond to me.

Pet Peeve: pointed comments. My MIL said to me yesterday, in response to learning I have GD, "Well hopefully this will help you to eat less sweets!" in a cheery "helpful" tone of voice. ... *glare* Pre-preg my sweets had been limited to one Dew a day and the occasional treat, and by occasional I mean maybe once a week it that often. I have problems with the in-laws, but that's another topic all together.
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